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Our transcription rates are on a fixed “per audio minute” basis.  

We offer a variety of different fixed rates (there are different fixed rates for one-to-one interviews and focus groups, for example).   The rate is, however, agreed up-front and confirmed in our emailed quotation to you (subject to checking of audio quality when received).  Quotes are based on consistently good quality audio, and we reserve the right to amend our quotation if audio quality is deemed to be insufficient.

Discounted prices are offered to university academics and other research institutions, as well as to students.

Benefits to you of a fixed rate for transcription:

  • You can budget for your project in advance of applying for funding.
  • The price quoted is what you pay (no VAT will be added).
  • There are no spiraling costs for you to worry about.  Fixed rates are just that – they remain the same regardless of how long it takes us to transcribe your audio.

We are happy to work with international clients, provided payment can be made  in Pounds Sterling.  Payment via bank transfer is preferred, although PayPal payments and UK cheques are also accepted.

Students – we run a referral scheme whereby you can earn money by spreading the work about our transcription service.  Please contact us to learn more!